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4 Easy Different Yoga Asanas For Newbies

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Every person needs some relief in this hectic life. The relief must be enjoyable as well as good for health. Now, you must be thinking about which activity is enjoyable as well as good for health. The answer is yoga. Yes, when one starts doing yoga, it becomes interesting day by day. Yoga is also good for our health.

Yoga not only makes us flexible but also reduces stress and anxiety. If you want, yoga can be your escape from a hectic life. To start your yoga journey, you can start practicing these four different yoga asanas. These different yoga asanas are not difficult. They will help you to kickstart your yoga journey.

4 Different Yoga Asanas To Start Your Yoga Journey

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Once you start doing yoga, you will notice a positive change in yourself. You will feel more calm and relaxed. The key benefit of yoga is it helps you to balance your mind and body. So, here are four different yoga asanas for beginners. You can even try these different yoga asanas at home also.


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This is the most popular and easiest pose among different yoga asanas. The other name for this asana is mountain pose as ‘tad’ means mountain. This is the basic pose for all asanas. For tadasana, you need to balance your body on your feet and stand firm and high. This asana is helpful for short heightened people, as it enhances body growth.


Under this pose, you need to put your right foot high on your left thigh. Your stance in this asana resembles the structure of the tree. This is why it is called vrikshasana. During this asana, you need to inhale and exhale slowly in sync with the movement of your hands. Thus, you will know the sense of grounding.

Kursiasana(chair pose)

Kursiasana, the third among four different yoga asanas, helps strengthen your legs and arms muscle. It would help if you assumed that you are sitting on a chair with your hands straight in an upward direction. This asana helps to generate your willpower.


Sukhasana is practiced for meditation. For this pose, you need to sit on a mat with crossed legs. Then, put your hands on your knees and breathe deep and slowly. As compared to other different yoga asanas mentioned above, this is practiced by almost everyone. It keeps your mind relax and helps you meditate.


These four different yoga asanas are popular and can be practiced anywhere. Youtube tutorials are also available for these asanas. These four different yoga asanas will help you to kickstart your yoga journey in the best way possible. After you master these asanas, you can start doing other asanas. Eventually, with time, you will be able to notice a change in yourself. Thus, yoga will become enjoyable for you.

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