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yoga pose challenge

Suppose you are looking for a healthy life and that too without spending your money on the gym. Yoga can be the best option to go for. From ancient times, yoga has been considered one of the most effective forms of exercise, helping you be fit and healthy. There are various Yoga pose Challenges which can help you to keep you healthy and refreshed. There are various Yoga forms and poses which have their own importance and effect on the body. You have to just keep yourself motivated and focused on keeping up performing yoga.

Different Yoga Pose Challenge

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Chaturanga Dandasana:

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This pose is actually a form of plank exercise where you have to lie down and keep all your weight on your legs’ palm and thumb. This pose will help you to work on your whole body from your arms, eyes, breathing power, and the whole circulation of blood in your body. This pose can also be helpful to the pregnant lady. It helps to maintain the proper shape and size of your body.


This is the chair pose where you lengthen your hands up in the air and maintain this pose for a particular duration of time. By maintaining this pose, you can burn your fat and can strengthen your thighs and back. This pose can also help you to get rid of headaches, low blood pressure. You can even make some changes by adding some objects between your thighs, and it can increase your thighs’ strength.


This pose is actually the cobra pose. This pose is performed to get rid of your back and neck pain, which we find very common nowadays. This pose should perform with the proper measure as it can harm you if you take it for a long time or if you stretch yourself so much. It will surely affect your back pain and the cervical spine.


This pose needs backbreaking work to maintain; it might take a few days, weeks, or even months to get into this pose. This is a totally upside-down pose. You can take the help of a wall to perform this pose or some companion who can help you to perform this activity. You have to practice a lot to attain this pose. This has been treated as the toughest yoga pose challenge.


This is the most relaxing pose by relaxing down on your back and just providing peace to the mind. This is actually the final resting pose, which you can perform after completing your whole yoga exercise. You have to be away from all the outer distractions and focus on your inner voice. This Yoga Pose challenge can be the easiest but have many advantages in giving your back injuries comfort.


Yoga pose challenges are for your better health and to cure you of some diseases. Yoga is spreading worldwide, and people are adopting it in their daily lives to get a healthy body.

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