Asanas 608 Yoga Poses – Get Amazing Poses And Benefits -

Asanas 608 Yoga Poses – Get Amazing Poses And Benefits

asanas 608 yoga poses

Asanas 608yoga is a deep journey to the third limb of yoga. To keep our body healthy and peaceful, a practice of physical postures is termed as the third limb of yoga. It’s not a simple form of yoga but is a much deeper and meaningful finding of the yogic life, which gives our senses purity and tones our body. This happens with practicing the breathing control exercises like meditation and pranayam, which directly seeks self-realization, and that is how we live to find the reason behind our birth, to find the real motto of our life, to find our self that’s how the 608 yoga asanas help us to keep our body and soul in a structured way and reach to the ultimate peace. Let’s explore the poses that help us to experience a healthy mind and body. Some points to be noted before we start

• We should be practicing the postures slowly one by one and be relaxed before performing.

• We must practice the poses until we feel uncomfortable; we should not have any major health problems before we think about practicing 608 yoga poses.

Standing Poses

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Standing poses direct us to concentrate by slowing down our minds and thoughts. It helps us to focus on the spaces between our eyebrows and the seat of our mind. It helps us connect our senses to the third eye. Standing poses is a way to enhance the focusing power and keep us calm and prepare ourselves for meditation.

Floor And Supine Poses

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These poses open are among the complex asanas in terms of mechanics as they open the hips portion. But it can easily be performed and gives greater benefits. Hips opener prevents the lower back stress and sciatica and lowers the knee problem, and increases the blood flow to the pelvic bones and reproductive organs, which profitable for all over the body as well.

Arm Balancing Poses

Arm balancing poses are really important to strengthen the wrist, shoulder, and hands portion. It requires determination and self-control while doing arm balancing poses, as these asanas require special strength to practicing.

Twist And Seated Poses

Twist poses helps our body to boost as it is the natural detoxify the organs and glands. It works like a sponge to our internal organs, and seated poses help our mental focus, increase our blood flow to the spine, and help us sit in a place to meditate.

Breathing And Cleansing Practices

The breathing exercises like pranayam, which is really a power pack, and we should do it correctly for expected benefits and cleansing practices function to prevent the physical body impurities.

Resting Poses

Resting poses allow awareness with every passing breath; it is called one of the most powerful yoga moments as it enters the deepest part of ourselves and relaxes our mind and body.

These are the poses discussed above that come under the extreme 608 yoga. It will help to seek self-realization.

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