Three Basic Yoga Poses - Three Basic Yoga Poses

Three Basic Yoga Poses

There are 7 basic yoga poses ideal for beginners. These poses or yoga asanas are easy to perform and anyone starting with yoga is instructed to first practice these basic yoga poses to let the body gets used to the exercises. These poses can be performed by children and seniors alike. They have a lot of health benefits.

Basic Yoga Pose – Tadasana

The Tadasana or the Mountain pose is a basic yoga pose. It is also called as the Samasthiti in Sanskirt. ‘Tada’ stands for a mountain and ‘asana’ means a yoga posture, and so this asana is known as the Mountain Pose in English. It is the basic yoga pose and the queen of all poses from which the other asanas take form. All the standing poses are basically a shift in a particular part of the body or a branch that emerges from the Tadasana.

This yoga pose is the foundation of all the standing poses and makes the starting position for all standing poses such as full inversions, handstand, and the headstand. It is a resting pose and also used to improve the posture.

A beginner might find it tough to balance his body in this pose. In the beginning, one can stand by placing their inner feet around 3 to 5 inches apart from each other. As you get comfortable, you can reduce the distance.

Three Basic Yoga Poses

Basic Yoga Pose – Cow Pose

The Cow Pose or the Bitilasana gets its name from the Sanskrit word – Bitil meaning cow. This asana is named as Cow Pose because of the posture of the body which resembles a cow. This asana is mostly practiced along with the Cat Pose or Marjaryasana in combination. When done in combination with the Cat Pose, one can get dynamic results. Cow Pose is often used as a base pose with many variations to it. It is also considered a warm-up pose in yoga sessions to prepare the body for some intense poses.

This yoga asana is best performed at dawn when the stomach is empty and bowels are cleared. Also, one should ensure that a gap of four to six hours is maintained before you begin this pose as the energy released from the digested food will give the body the necessary energy to perform. If one does not have time in the morning, this asana can be practised in the evenings too.

Three Basic Yoga Poses

Corpse Pose

The Shavasana or Savasana is a pose resembling a corpse and hence it is called the Corpse Pose in English. Shava means a corpse in Sanskrit. In this pose, the person lies down flat on the ground like a dead body. Although this posture seems quite easy, it is generally known as one of the hardest poses because it requires one to completely relax the mind and body. Savasana is generally practiced after the end of the yoga session. One needs to completely relax the body and only concentrate on deep inhalation and exhalation. Practicing this pose when a person is extremely tired is quite beneficial. Corpse pose is quite refreshing and rejuvenating. The ultimate relaxation of the mind is as essential as a balanced diet and exercise.

A strenuous exercise regimen might require you to stretch, contract, twist and invert your muscles. Moreover, performing the basic pose – Savasana, in the end, ensures that your body and mind are completely relaxed and rejuvenated. With Savasana, one becomes deeply aware of the body and mind. This pose teaches you to concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation. This also is an introduction to deep meditation.

Three Basic Yoga Poses

All these yoga poses are quite easy to perform and also, these can be practiced regularly to calm and relax your mind. People of any age group can perform these poses.

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