Hatha Yoga Poses – Helping You With Flexibility And Posture

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Yoga is a way of reaching higher levels of consciousness and learning about the paths to find enlightenment. Hatha yoga helps the human system to connect with the cosmos. When you do yoga asanas it allows you to achieve mastery over your body and soul, which is completely impossible in other ways. Hatha yoga is an ingenious practice that calms your mind, body, and soul, and it also prepares you for deeper meditation. Hatha yoga is the practice of maintaining the balance of the energies of the sun and the moon in your body. It is very helpful for achieving a balance between the left and right channels.

Hatha Yoga Poses – Mountain Pose 

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The mountain pose is a staple for Hatha Yoga. This pose helps to switch on all the muscle groups in your body and it is excellent for your body posture. To do a mountain pose, firstly stand straight with your feet together and makes sure your toes are touching each other. Then put your hands firmly alongside your body and again make sure your thighs are firm. Then lift your kneecaps but do not harden the lower portion of your stomach. You have to fix your gaze by looking straight ahead at a single point for maintaining the balance. Then stretch your arms upwards and breathe in, and from head to toe try to stretch your body as much as you can. Hold on to the position for 60 seconds then breathe out as your release your body.

Hatha Yoga Poses – Tree Pose

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Tree pose is one of the hatha yoga poses that stretches your legs, arms, and back. As well as it helps to open up the hips and as you stand on one foot therefore it improves your balance and concentration. To do this pose stand straight on your left foot and place your right foot inside of your left thigh, make a proper balance raise your hands over your head, and make Namaste mudra.

Hatha Yoga Poses – Bridge Pose 

This pose strengthens your core and lower body parts. To do this asana you have to lie on a yoga mat, bend your knees, lift your hips by pressing the feet into the floor and your chest by pressing on your arms and shoulders. You need to hold this position for up to 4 to 8 breaths.


Doing different types of yoga asanas have many other benefits also, it brings eternal peace to your mind, gives you joy and happiness. Hatha Yoga Poses are very effective to reach a higher consciousness of life. It is important to start focusing on health and concern yourself with things that will keep you healthy both mentally and physically. If you are looking for benefits as discussed above, you might want to try these yoga poses but when you initiate, make sure you give yourself some time to become flexible after which you can try all the positions. Until then, make sure to Keep practicing daily. 

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