Laughter Yoga Benefits - How Does Laughing A Day Keeps The Doctor Away -

Laughter Yoga Benefits – How Does Laughing A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

laughter yoga benefits

Laughter Yoga Benefits the body in multiple ways. It has lots of various health benefits that help lower blood pressure and increase immunity. Laughter Yoga Benefits can be entirely explained by William James’ quote, “We don’t laugh because we are happy. We are happy because we laugh.” That is precisely what Laughter Yoga does. It makes you happier and healthier.

Laughter Yoga Benefits – Decreases Blood Pressure

Laughter Yoga, which involves voluntary laughing, is known to reduce the stress hormones from the body. Add a little meditation and relaxing exercises, and you will see a massive decline in your stress levels. The majority of illnesses are caused due to constant stress. Still, a straightforward exercise like Laughter Yoga will help you drastically reduce your stress levels to stay healthy and happy.

Improves Oxygen Intake

Laughing for some time gives you a long time to inhale and exhale. The longer inhaling, in turn, increases your oxygen intake. Greater oxygen intake detoxifies your blood and raises energy levels to a great extent. Better intake of oxygen also calms anxiety and helps to regulate sleep cycles.

Laughter Yoga Benefits – Boosts Immunity

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The hormones released after a good session of laughter yoga will help boost immunity and you very strong against infections and viruses. Regular Laughter Yoga Benefits your body by boosting your immunity up to 40%.

Improves blood flow

Laughter Yoga aids the blood vessels to circulate blood in a better and normal way. Better Blood Flow increases heart health. A healthy heart can prevent you from a lot of diseases and illnesses.

Improves mental health

Laughter Yoga is proven to reduce depression. It also reduces anxiety levels, makes you calm, and helps you face every obstacle with a more positive approach.

More Benefits

Here are some more benefit you can expect.

Face Muscles

Laughter Yoga benefits the face muscles tremendously. It tones the facial muscles and avoids wrinkles. A month of regular Laughter yoga, and you will start seeing your face muscles get toned!

Tones your abs

Yes! Laughing causes the abdominal muscles to contract and expand, which helps tone them. A simple exercise like laughing can tone your abs.

Activate T-cells

Laughing activates the T-cells in your body. T-Cells are the cells that immediately fight off the bacteria, which helps you recover quickly from almost any minor infection.

Improves attitude

The breathing and laughing during laughter yoga can help you handle negative situations with a more optimistic approach. It will also help you handle negative people quickly, helping you have the right attitude through tough times.


Laughter Yoga is also proven to improve performance in business and social life. We already discussed how Laughter Yoga benefits the body’s oxygen levels, which, in turn, helps in optimal performance. Apart from providing all these benefits, this yoga type will also make you feel better. For those who are not interested in conventional exercises and yoga activities, they can also try laughter yoga, getting rid of the misconception that only older people should try laughter yoga.

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