No Kidding With Your Kid's Health - Impotance of Yoga for kids

No Kidding With Your Kid’s Health

Yoga For Kids? Are You Kiddin Me?

Has your parental journey just begun? Or are you a parent of a kid who is five to six years old? Then probably you should have known how important it is for kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle while they grow up. It is quite understandable that they have to attend their schools and then after coming back home, they have to rush for their other classes and extracurricular activities. Finally, when they come back home, they are exhausted and are tired to have their dinner. What to do then? Let them go off like that without a solution? Well, if you are actually looking for a solution, we have just the right one for you. Its practicing yoga for kids.

Ever heard of yoga? Well, even if you have heard of it, you may not be well aware of its benefits. Perhaps you do not have enough time to give it a thought.

Yoga For Kids? Are You Kiddin Me?
No Kidding With Your Kid’s Health

Yoga originated in ancient India, which means the ‘union of the opposites.’ Besides having numerous benefits of its own, one of the most important ones is, it does not target a particular age group. Yoga can be performed by people ranging from 3 years to 80 years irrespective of gender.

Why You Should Not Send Your Kids To Gym?

It is not wise to send your kid to some gym or to some bodybuilding classes. Too much weight lifting or bodybuilding at an early age may stunt the growth of your kid. Also, overdeveloped muscles give rise to vulnerable tendons and ligaments.

Moreover, few of the damages caused by bodybuilding include hearing impairment, muscle injuries, weight gain, mental depression and much more.

How Yoga Can Be Beneficial For Kids?

As mentioned earlier, yoga can be performed by kids starting from three years of age. It brings flexibility in your kids and regulates hormones essential for his/her growth. There are numerous benefits of practicing yoga and in this article, we provide a brief explanation regarding the same.

Yoga For Kids? Are You Kiddin Me?
No Kidding With Your Kid’s Health

Improved Bone And Muscle Strength

Regular yoga practice tones the body strengthens the muscles and makes them flexible. It protects them against strain and muscle injury. It helps in achieving optimal bone development.

Are There Any Benefits Of Yoga In Case Of Weight Loss?

Yoga improves the posture of kids, and it is more effective for someone who is on his/her way to grow up. The regular practice of yoga effectively increases the metabolism rate. This decreases excess body fat thus helping to maintain a balanced weight.

Yoga, A Complete Cardio Workout

Yoga improves the cardiovascular and respiratory capacity in your kids. Regular yoga sessions decrease the blood rate thus effectively reducing the chances of high blood pressure at an early age. Moreover, practicing Pranayama, a part of yoga, which includes controlled breathing, effectively boosts the respiratory system.

Is That All Yoga Can Do For Kids?

Nope! We are not yet done. Rather we are left with the most important part. Something that bodybuilding won’t provide. Mental peace! Yoga helps an individual to attain a calm, focused and determined mind. The regular practice of yoga also maintains the hormonal balance of the practitioner thus effectively controlling unnatural mood swings and depression. As we all know, a synchronized body and mind always achieve success, yoga helps to achieve that perfect synchronization.

Yoga For Kids? Are You Kiddin Me?
No Kidding With Your Kid’s Health

All Right! My Kids Will Do Yoga From Today

Yoga provides all the benefits a gym or other exercise can produce but in a much peaceful and soothing way. While everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, yoga has few disadvantages of its own. The practice of the wrong pose may lead to muscle pain, fatigue, and even severe injuries. Thus, it is advisable for kids to practice yoga under the supervision of a certified professional.

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