Savasana Yoga Pose: The Hardest Pose -

Savasana Yoga Pose: The Hardest Pose

savasana yoga pose

Did you know Savasana Yoga Pose is the hardest pose of all? Well, Savasana Yoga Pose is the hardest pose because everyone can’t lie down in a relaxed mode without fidgeting. Many students can practice any pose with a full balance, twist, and bend, but when it comes to Savasana Yoga Pose, they miserably fail. The reason is the art of relaxation is not easy for everyone to master. You can’t just perform it because you desire to. With the Savasana Yoga Pose, you gradually exit from the state of anxiety and enter the state of relaxation. This can also be the starting point of meditation. Initially, while doing Savasana Yoga Pose, many people lie down anxiously, worrying about everything around them. While some others fall asleep the moment, they lie down. The trick is to relax with full attention. In easier words, you have to remain aware of your surroundings while relaxing. So, it is alertness paired with consciousness. The main benefit of mastering the art of Savasana Yoga Pose is that you learn how to gradually release all the tension from your body. Savasana Yoga Pose also helps in maintaining a good posture and a balanced body temperature.

Benefits Of Savasana Yoga Pose

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The main purpose of Savasana Yoga Pose is to bring closure to your session of yoga and feel relaxed deeply. It calms your mind and body, so you can reap the benefits of your yoga session. It is advised to practice Savasana Yoga Pose before sleeping because it promotes good quality and deep sleep. Position yourself on your bed the same way you do on your mat while doing Savasana Yoga Pose and use the same alignments. Spend several minutes in a relaxed state of mind before sleeping. With the help of Savasana Yoga Pose, you can relax your one muscle at a particular time and balance your thoughts. When practiced daily, it makes the body eligible to release all the anxiety and stress. Your emotional and physical health will also enhance. 

However, you can only get the maximum benefit from Savasana Yoga Pose after performing the difficult yoga poses because those poses stretch your muscles and help you in releasing all the tension. Your breathing also improves as it relaxes your diaphragm also. 

Props used for Savasana Yoga Pose

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If you are not yet good at practicing the Savasana Yoga Pose, then you can take the help of some props. These will help you relax and not let you divert your attention. For some people lying on the floor can be a source of anxiety and feeling of discomfort. 

Placing Your Legs On A Chair

This variation will help you release all the tension from your calves and glutes. It improves circulation and helps get rid of tension from the muscles of the back. The posture requires you to place your legs on the chair, with knees bent, arms on the floor, and palms facing the ceiling.

Take Support On Back And Head

This variation helps in relaxing tension from the chest and improves breathing. For this variation, you need a stack of folded blankets. You are required to lie on the blankets, knees bent, and extend your legs one by one. The blanket must be placed under your neck and head. 


To recapitulate, Savasana Yoga Pose has numerous benefits for your mind and body. You must practice this at the end of your yoga cycle.

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