Sirsasana The Yoga Balance On Head asan

yoga balance on head asan

The importance of yoga in our life requires no explanation. Everyone knows that yoga is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga Asanas (Sanskrit word for “posture”) do way more than what is seen at the surface level- they improve mental and physical health, improve digestion, blood circulation and a lot more. Not to mention that yoga is also a very fun way to exercise and keep your body in control. However, this particular yoga asana that we are talking about is also a great way to flex your skills in front of your friends, be sure to take precautions though. Yes, you guessed it, we are talking about none other than the headstand, the Sirsasana.

The King Of Asanas

Yoga Balance

Sirsasana is rightfully called the king of asanas. It definitely is the most difficult and complicated yoga asana of all time and holds no competition. To master this exercise you definitely need an insane amount of exercise, determination, patience and dedication. Even experts say that this yoga requires a crazy level of focus and concentration. Performing this yoga asana under expert supervision is highly recommended.

Benefits Of A Headstand

Yoga Balance

Sirsasana or simply, a headstand in common language has way too many benefits. It may look intimidating at first, but it has a lot of advantages. First of all, it calms the mind and keeps the blood circulation in control. It also increases lung capacity in the most effective way possible. It enhances your digestion process too. As in the case of older women, it also alleviates symptoms of menopause. If all this was not enough, the king of yogasanas also cures headaches. An all-in-one package, right?


Like we mentioned before, this asana works the best way when performed with an expert. We highly recommend you work this out with a trained spotter or a yoga teacher, as doing the headstand by yourself is quite dangerous, or may even prove to be fatal. A pro tip is, take the support of a wall while performing Sirsasana. Also have a few cushions and soft blankets near you for extra caution and safety measures.


In this article, we have explained to you the importance of Sirsasana, which is the headstand of all yoga asanas, highlighted the importance of yoga in general and hoped that this helped you out. As we mention it again, please do take proper safety measures while performing it. One wrong step and it may lead to something serious. As much as this asana is useful to the human body, it may also prove fatal, so do perform this asana with a knowledgeable yoga teacher. Give it your full focus, concentration and dedication, and most importantly, take care of your physical and mental health. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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