What is Yoga? A Very Inspirational Book Review

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What is Yoga? The words “yoga” and “ipation” may seem synonymous, but they are actually different facets of the same ancient science of body-mind-spirit communication. Yoga is a discipline or set of practices that originate in ancient India, geared at controlling and stilling both the mind and the body, and learning to identify the unaltered, or “unbound” state of awareness. This unbound state of consciousness, Yoga, is the basis for all other practices and beliefs of Yoga.

Yoga Inspirational Book Review

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To better understand what Yoga is, one must first gain a better understanding of what the various postures are meant to accomplish. These postures are known as “asanas,” and are designed to either loosen the body or increase flexibility. Many Yoga exercises can improve your fitness level through improving your flexibility, but doing Yoga without improving your flexibility will not give you the results you are seeking. Therefore, when you attend yoga classes, make sure that you are doing all of your stretching and breathing techniques properly, because if you do not, your stretching and breathing techniques will not be able to adequately free your muscles from the bonds they have formed due to gravity and time. Therefore, if you wish to achieve maximum benefits from your yoga classes, it is important that you follow all of the breathing techniques and stretching exercises while at the same time strengthening and stretching your muscles.

When we speak of postures, the first thing we typically think of is the physical posture of a Yoga class, but this is only one component of the system. The next component is called pranayama, which is the breathing techniques of Yoga. Pranayama also helps you to control your internal organs, by focusing your mind on your breath so that your organs respond to your commands. This enables your body to attain greater balance and coherence, as well as allowing you to get deeper into the many chakras, or energy centers, of your body.

Of course, the physical postures in Yoga classes will also help you to improve your general health, as well as lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. There are other health benefits of a regular yoga practice, including those related to mental health. However, for the purposes of this article we will focus our attention on the mental benefits of yoga, because there are far more health benefits to be attained through this practice than through any of the other aspects, if only because it can lead you to discover the answers to the questions that have been haunting you your entire life. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose and follow only a program that will guide you to discovering those answers.

Sadhguru once told me that he believed that there were five primary factors that govern the learning process. These factors were: knowledge, emotion, psychology, physiology, and psychology. The first factor, knowledge, was a bit easier to translate for me since my understanding of yoga came from a teacher. However, in order to attain the second, which is emotion, you will have to study and learn about the various emotions that are part of yoga. While Sadhguru didn’t provide me with an explanation for how these emotions influence the learning process, he did show me how they can hinder the completion of a yoga practice, therefore should be respected during the entire process.

Sadhguru then presented me with another piece of information that helps to explain the connection between yoga and physical postures. If you think about it, all of us know how the physical postures affect the nervous system and how they set the stage for deeper levels of relaxation. However, you also need to understand that the physical postures also assist in digestion and absorption, which are also vital components to spiritual development. Therefore, the physical postures and breathing techniques are necessary for true spiritual healing.

Another thing that inspired me to research what is yoga further is that yoga is part of a spiritual path. This means that you have to be diligent in your practice or else you will become discouraged and give up on yoga altogether. In fact, this very concept motivated me to find out more about what yoga is. If I wanted to understand yoga better, I needed to find someone who was experienced in its practice and know how I could benefit from his teachings. Therefore, this was exactly what I was able to discover.

End Note

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Yoga truly has great power to unite your body, mind and spirit. Sadhguru is a person who experienced this unity for himself first hand. I found his teachings to be nothing short of fantastic. He gave me the tools I needed to transform my life and to help others transform theirs as well. While the book is not absolutely necessary to understand what yoga is, it is a valuable addition to any yoga books shelf. If you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend that you do.

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