Which Yoga Asanas Are Beneficial After 30?

In today’s fast-paced world, humans fight a lot of stress every day. Stress for perfection, for getting the maximum work done, for meeting deadlines and a lot more. So much stress leads to premature aging. In order to break this vicious cycle, we need to devote one hour of our day to our fitness, health, and well-being. Yoga asanas are the best solution as they help us calm down, maintain our composure, improve blood circulation, detoxify our organs, bring flexibility and strengthen our joints and make us aware of our body.

These asanas have various levels such as beginners, intermediate and hard. It is always advised to practice yoga under a trained yoga practitioner as doing them wrong can cause a sprain in any of your muscles, and cause more harm than good. Your instructor would first guide you to perform the easier asanas initially and then gradually move to the tougher ones.

Here are simple asanas yoga practices and postures that can postpone your ageing process and make you look younger and healthier. These can help you turn back the clock and rejuvenate.

Which Yoga Asanas Are Beneficial After 30?

Asana Yoga – Meditation Or Sukhasana

Meditation brings awareness, stability, and discipline. It also helps to reduce stress, unwind and relax and also de-clutters our mind. All you need to do in meditation is sit upright in the correct posture without slumping and watch your breath. Just concentrate on the inhalation and exhalation. Initially, your mind will wander everywhere and you just need to keep bringing it back to your breath.

Asana Yoga – Tree Pose Or The Ekpadasana

This pose helps you bring balance and poise in your body. It also helps to build focus and enhances your core strength.

Asana Yoga – Warrior Pose

This one is a great posture to build flexibility and strength. Warrior pose helps to tone your muscles and build stamina.

Which Yoga Asanas Are Beneficial After 30?

Pranayama Asana Yoga

Pranayama controls the flow of bioenergy in the body. Regularly practicing this will cure your body of a wide range of diseases.

Asanas Yoga – Downward Facing Dog Pose

This pose helps to increase blood circulation in the body and also opens up the joints. It reduces anxiety and stretches your muscles and bones.

Which Yoga Asanas Are Beneficial After 30?

Why Should You Practice Asanas Yoga After 30?

Practicing yoga daily has a lot of health benefits. These asanas yoga should not be practiced only after 30, as these can be done at any age, but practicing them after you hit your middle age, can be very beneficial for your body and mind health. But when you hit 30 and have not been very active all your life, then starting with yoga makes sense as other forms of exercises might be too strenuous and vigorous as you start, causing you to develop joint pains. Asanas Yoga prepares the body gradually and increases your flexibility slowly, without causing any strenuous pain. They also increase your metabolism and stamina, both of which are much required after the 30s.

There are many other forms of exercise these days such as Bokwa, Zumba, cardio, Aerobics, Taekwondo, Marshal arts, jogging, running, etc. You can do any form of exercise to stay fit but asana yoga has been accepted by many as their fitness mantra. This one also calms the mind and body, which other forms might not do. Asanas Yoga has been practiced since time immemorial by ancient sages in India since there are a scientific reason and secret behind every pose.

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