Yoga Asanas For Back Posture- Do Them Daily -

Yoga Asanas For Back Posture- Do Them Daily

yoga asans for back posture

Numerous postural issues result from the hours per day spent hunched over a desktop computer at work or driving a vehicle. These yoga poses will help you to overcome your temptation to slouch and improve your aerobic fitness and core strength, both of which will contribute significantly to your posture improvement.

Mountain Pose

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Mountain Pose (Tadasana) seems to be an easy enough asana. Mountain pose, when performed correctly, is very complex because it teaches you to detect when your body is in a perfectly vertical orientation. To do this on your own, you must put in a lot of preparation and training. You can then overcompensate for a slouching posture by pushing your shoulders back and pointing out your chest. It is to find a balanced stance in which you are not leaning forward or backwards and feel symmetrical on both sides of the midline.

Shoulder Opener

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This shoulder opener is achieved by interlacing the hands behind the back. Join your hands behind your back and wrap your shoulders up towards your ears to get the most openness in your chest as feasible. Then, when you draw your arms straight, let the shoulder blades glide down on your back. Slowly lean over your hips, holding your hands together, to spread your hamstrings. Stretch your arms upward and roll your shoulders into the centre of your back.

Cat-Cow Stretch

The Cat-cow stretch (Chakravakrasana) is ideal for assisting you in assessing your spine’s optimal, natural curves. By alternating between flexion (cat) and extension (cow), going through the centre each time, you developed a more precise sense of the balanced position. Allow the motions to begin at your tailbone and spread up your spine, ending with your head.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) is a simple backbend that stretches the chest and shoulders, often constrained in people with bad posture. Additionally, it will reinforce your back, providing more protection for your backbone. After lifting your hips, pause briefly to tuck each shoulder blade into your back. Then, with your buttocks relaxed, raise your hips slightly higher. Alternatively, you can try the assisted bridge for a less intense form.

Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose (Garudasana) checks the balance and aids in the development of a powerful core. A strong core facilitates your spine. Your heart’s back is opened by eagle arms (between your shoulder blades). It is of little importance if you cannot wholly wrap your top leg across but ensure that your shoulders are stacked one on top of your hips. This posture tends to push the abdomen forward. Maintaining vertical orientation is another technique for increasing your perception of your body’s position in space.


By relaxing and balancing the arms, chest, and back these yoga positions will assist you in standing taller, living with a healthy heart, and relieving any pain associated with poor sitting posture. Implement any or all these stretching exercises into your practice regularly to improve your posture and prevent a life of constant back pain.

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