Yoga Frog Pose - Practice It With The Right Mindset -

Yoga Frog Pose – Practice It With The Right Mindset

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The yoga frog pose is a repetitive set of asanas in Hatha yoga that place the human body in a very interesting and invigorating position. It has often been called the yoga frog because of its resemblance to a pregnant frog. The fact that it resembles a pregnant frog is not coincidence. It represents a journey through the human experience. In particular, it represents a transformation through the third eye – the seat of subtle thought.

Hatha Yoga Asanas

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Bhegasana, or Frog position is a set of sitting asanas in Hatha yoga that put the whole body in an almost telekinetic pose. Another similar but more dynamic version is Bikram yoga. There are books on these positions as well as articles that you can find online.

Most people who first learn yoga are thrilled by the yoga frog pose. In particular, they find it particularly useful for relieving tension, improving circulation and improving flexibility. You should be relaxed and your mind should be clear. You want to feel comfortable and at ease, moving gently and smoothly. If your mind races, try to slow yourself down and remember you are in the yoga frog pose, not falling off the chair.

Can Be Repeated

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Another great thing about yoga frog poses is that they can be repeated. Repeatedly putting yourself into that asana (yoga posture) will train you physically and emotionally. As you become more familiar with it, you will find that you automatically move in that posture when you need to be calm, focused, or moved toward certain states. When you practice yoga, you repeat the same things over. This is a wonderful way to refresh and revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

Many people who practice yoga find that it improves their balance and strength. The yoga frog pose works because it lengthens your spine. The pose elongates the spine and puts the abdominal muscles through a stretch. These muscles, along with other ones in your back, help to put more pressure on the heart. By stretching these muscles, you can increase your overall blood flow.

Lower Back Pain

One of the most common side effects of practicing yoga frog is lower back pain. While this poses does put extra stress on your lower back, it is simply placing the wrong pressure there. There are many yoga poses that actually improve your lower back. The important thing is to know which ones.

The benefits of yoga are not limited to the physical body. The psychological benefits are just as important. The yoga frog poses are designed to quiet your mind, so you can concentrate on the poses and breathing deeply. This helps you concentrate fully on the experience of yoga. It calms your mind, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of yoga.

Bottom Line 

So, what are you waiting for? Go take some yoga with your friends and family today. Don’t wait. Get started today! Frog!

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