Yogasana Steps – Learn How To Do The Best Yoga Posture

yogasana steps

Are you searching for different yoga asanas and their steps? If yes, then you have come up to the exact place. Yoga is an exercise that is not good for our body but the mind also. Today, we tell you about some of the best yoga asanas with their steps, including Tadasana, Padottanasana, Hastottanasana, and Dhanurasana. When you perform these asanas or mudras with mindfulness, you can enjoy the process even more. Moreover, all these yoga asanas have various health benefits, such as uplifting your mood and refreshing your mind.


Yoga Posture

There are so many yoga asanas that are beneficial to us in which Tadasana is one. It is also known as the mountain pose, which will provide you with increased awareness of your body. Plus, it makes your shoulders and neck strong, strengthens your legs, thighs, knees, ankles, buttocks, and lower abdomen, and improves your posture.

Steps To Perform Tadasana

Yoga Posture

• Stand straight on the ground or a plane surface, and feet aligned as per your shoulder distance.

• Inhale and lift both your arms up with a deep breath.

• Interlock your fingers to hold them pulled upward.


Padottanasana is a half-inverted yoga pose that encourages confidence and overcomes depression. In this yoga asana, the feet should stay parallel with the toes turned slightly inward. It helps to boost blood circulation to the ovaries and alleviates tension in the hips and lower back.

Steps To Perform Padottanasana

• Stand with your feet out wide and point both feet front in a way that they become parallel to one another.

• Turn your knees smoothly and gently fold forward with a flat back.

• Place your hands on the mat. Let the head and shoulders swing heavy and shift your weight towards the balls of your feet.

• Feel your spine lengthen and hold for eight breaths.

Hastottanasana – Yogasana Steps

Hastottanasana is a combination of three Sanskrit words: Hasta, Uttana, and Asana. Hasta refers to ‘arms’; uttana is ‘stretch up,’ and asana means’ posture.’ In this yoga asana, you should stretch your arms upwards, and that’s why it is called Hastottanasana. It helps to stretch the muscles of the ribs and reduces the pain in the shoulders, neck, and arms.

Steps To Perform Hastottanasana

• Stand upright with both feet together.

• Slowly inhale and raise both arms over the head and join your palms.

• Exhale, release your arms sideways to this posture.

• Softly inhale while raising your arms and exhale, bringing them down.


Dhanurasana, the bow pose, is a yoga exercise that relieves stress and anxiety. This yoga asana is easy to perform in comparison to other yoga asanas, which need immense concentration. It helps to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and makes the spine flexible.

Steps To Perform Dhanurasana

• Start by lying down on the stomach.

• Flex your knees and hold your ankles with the palms.

• Have a firm grip and lift your legs and arms as high as possible.

• Look up and hold the posture for a while.

Final Thoughts

Yoga is an art and science that naturally relaxes your mind and body and makes you feel better. So, the next time you go for exercise, don’t forget to try these yogasana steps to take better advantage of them.

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